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Marvel Realm of Champions, Kabam’s 3v3 MOBA, is now available to pre-register

Kabam’s upcoming 3v3 MOBA Marvel Realm of Champions is now available to pre-register for iOS through the game’s official website and Android via Google Play. There’s no word on a specific release date just yet, however.

The game takes place on Battleworld, a forbidden planet that was created by a mixture of realities. Following the death of Maestro, the God-King the uneasy peace that previously existed there has been disrupted, meaning lots of fights, specifically 3v3 skirmishes between heroes.

In Marvel Realm of Champions, you will be able to select and customise a character with the best gear for the opponents you’re fighting against. You’ll be teaming up with two other players before heading into battle in a series of Marvel-inspired arenas against three other people.

At launch, there will be six playable Champions to choose from. This includes the likes of Iron Legionnaire, Web Warrior, Black Panther, Hulk, Storm and Sorcerer Supreme. Each will bring their own skills to the battlefield with Hulk acting as a tank and Black Panther excelling in close range combat. Roles you could probably already guess if you’re au fait with Marvel, basically.

If you decide to pre-register for Realm of Champions there are a number of bonuses you’ll get when the game eventually launches. These include Iron Legionnaire and Hulk gear alongside 100 Units and 300 Gold. You can check out the cinematic trailer above if you’re interested in learning more about the lore behind Realm of Champions.

Marvel Realm of Champions will be heading for the App Store and Google Play, with pre-registration available on the latter right now. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

Credit: Marvel Realm of Champions, Kabam’s 3v3 MOBA, is now available to pre-register